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Located in Dongguan, a famous city in China known as the "world factory", Haire Appliance Co., LTD is consisted of excellent sales and engineering teams with years of experiences that mainly focus on producing hair appliance tools. We are fully dedicated to developing the most advanced and innovative hair styling tools to meet our customers’ needs. Our products are certificated by regulators and are mainly exported to Japan, Europe, USA, Korea and other countries. We have a professional Research and Development (R&D) team that are well experienced and equipped in developing, designing and making cutting edge hair appliances for our customers. We continuously thrive for the best quality and emphasize on excellent customer service.

Latest News
  • 06
    Hair Straightener, Hair Curler - These Improp...
    ​Some beauty girls usually accustomed to using hair curler, hair straightener and other hair care, convenient and quick and the shape can be varied.
  • 06
    Hair Straightener Exports Can Also Be Used PV...
    ​With the popular Hair Straightener DIY, hair straightener products are also more and more female friends of all ages.
  • 26
    The Application Of PET In Hair Straightener S...
    Hair Straightener, also known as perm plywood, Gu Ming is right to straighten the hair through the heating element to heat the hair,
  • 26
    Hair Straightener - Can Also Hair It!
    As we all know, hair can make the gray-haired old man to reproduce the youth, so that the beauty of women glamorous.
  • A Magical Curling Stick
    A Magical Straight Hair Comb
    Straight Hair Is Never Difficult
    Change Head, More Choices
    Double Barrel Hair Curling Iron
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